Sunday, 23 September 2012

Everyone has something for which they are it because of a specific thing that someone else has done or simply because of the role that another person has played in their life.  

In August 2012 I attended an excellent conference on Positive Psychology in Application at which we discussed the potential impact of making Gratitude Visits to people who have made a difference in our lives.  In most cases it has been proven that there is significant positive value to be had by all parties involved in a Gratitude Visit.  

This site is a call to those who wish to say thank you by undertaking a visit solely with the intention of saying "thank you" and for those individuals who are prepared to share their stories with others.

If you would like to publish your story on this site please email me at


NB It should be noted that there are risks in making an unsolicited visit to say "thank you" to someone - for example the other person may not wish to hear what you have to say or may even disagree with your opinion and reject your gesture of gratitude.